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April 6, 2020. I'm No Longer A Slave To Fear.
April 05, 2020. Palm Sunday Worship. The Weeping King.
April 4, 2020. Blessed Be Your Name
April 04, 2020. Glorify Thy Name!
April 03, 2020. ‘‘Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus”
April 1, 2020. God Will Take Care of You
March 31, 2020 “Take the Name of Jesus With You”
March 30, 2020. Standing on the Promises
I was going to get up there and do this, but Leslie and Lee talked me out of it. Thank you, Lee Eldrige.
March 29, 2020. John the Baptist was successful because he was faithful, not because his life turned out the way he thought it would. Please join us as we worship our always worthy God, today.
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